You’re trying to grow a family and it’s not easy. You might have been trying for 6 months or 10 years but whatever your story: you feel frustrated; isolated and like your friends and family (while trying to be supportive) just don’t seem to understand and often say the wrong thing.

Welcome to a totally safe, uplifting and positive space: you’ve found a new way to not just cope with what’s happening, but to thrive 
while you do it.

Something inside you wants to scream with how unfair this is; you feel like you’re getting left behind while your friends move forward. 

But you have a feeling that there might be stronger, more positive choices you can make for your mental health and well being as well as learning how to self advocate. You want to be able to move forward with your career and make brave leaps, you might even want to leave your job and start something new... but you feel like you can’t. You don’t want to feel held back anymore.

I know this feeling so well!

  • I believe you have something amazing to offer the world, but it can’t breathe right now because of what’s happening
  • I believe you are smart, kind and resilient but often plagued with feelings of guilt, worthlessness or failure
  • I believe you deserve to feel whole, fulfilled, excited by life and hopeful.
  • I also believe that coffee and croissants, while not exactly a fertility nutritionist’s recommendations...are a marriage made in heaven! 

 I know you’re an exceptional human being with a lot to give. I can help you reconnect to yourself again, so you can feel as amazing as I know you are.

Hi! I'm Alice and I am on a mission to support and empower anyone trying to grow their family (and while I’m at it, changing the social narrative we see around fertility too...more on that later)

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How did I get here?

In 2012 I married Si, my husband. We started trying for a baby a year after we got hitched and I went to my GP straight away, as I always suspected we might have problems conceiving due to my WILDLY irregular periods. They were nonsense. Just nonsense.

In short, we went through one operation to remove a fibroid followed by 12 rounds of fertility treatment to have our two miracle kids. 

NB. treatment is not always IVF but can be just as emotionally intense AND trying to build a family even without any treatment involved can be incredibly challenging. 

For the first year I was obsessed with making a baby...

I was neurotic and my stress levels were through the roof. At one point I thought we would never get there and I couldn’t ever imagine how I would be OK with this.

I felt rage whenever a friend offered well meant ‘advice’ (“have you tried putting your legs in the air after sex?” = RAGE!) and my sense of failure seemed to spread to every part of my life. I was dejected, hopeless and really not fun to be around!

In short, I was very far from my best self or living my best life.

I started to look for ways to distract myself and feel better. I began by seeking ways to improve my fertility but actually, accidentally curated a new, energising, exciting way to live.

Rapidly I began to not just feel a bit better: I was buzzing.

Meanwhile, my fertility journey was ongoing. I was still floored with grief on the days I got my period or saw another negative pregnancy test but...

I had found what felt like a secret passage straight to living my true, unlimited potential and ability to genuinely love my life. Which was really unexpected to say the least!

I couldn't find this kind of story anywhere! So...

I started sharing my own on Instagram and I was blown away by the response. 

Now...my community is consistently growing, my income streams are expanding. I work not only supporting and empowering you but also as a professional patient advocate; speaker, writer and more.

I am a little bit obsessed with helping you rediscover yourself and your phenomenal gifts which I just KNOW are lying there, waiting to be revealed.

I'm able to do this because I have lived it. 

Can I help you get pregnant?

As a beautiful by-product of putting yourself first, I believe you do naturally boost your fertility BUT I will never tell you that by choosing to use my support you will increase your chances of conceiving. There are mind/body studies and plenty of science to suggest that this is a hugely important area to work on and I find totally fascinating BUT...

It's more important to me that you understand exactly how I will be able to help you and the goal for me: is not to get you pregnant.

My goal instead is to provide you with a lifelong, unwavering perfect connection to your own true self, a roadmap to peace; so that no matter what happens, you feel secure, safe, confident, yourself, whole, passionate, motivated and excited by your life. This is the mindset I found myself in, long before I knew how my fertility journey would end. (which, for me, was 2 IVF kids but this isn't the space I use to talk about my family- I am much more interested in YOU). 

There are people who do indeed know how to help you naturally boost your fertility and I am more than happy to help signpost you to amazing fertility nutritionists, medical experts, acupuncturists, or reflexologists (whichever you feel called to try out and depending on your personality, diagnosis and what you may have been through before) and I can connect you with a community of like minded people as well as fantastic national charities who provide amazing support and are so knowledgeable.
I strongly believe you will be in a perfect headspace to make decisions about which fertility experts you want to invest time and money with, if you choose to work on your mindset first. Do it this way round and you will make clearer, more confident decisions.

I'm honoured to have been featured in or worked with...

My events

Now where were we.

Ah yes...

So, I was sharing on Instagram and building my community. I realised that I needed to expand it to real life events too.

My first event was a ‘pay what you can’ 2 hour talk and workshop called ‘Take Ownership”. It was a boiling hot London summer evening in an airless basement! But it sold out, 40 people showed up and the feedback was completely extraordinary: there just wasn’t anything like it around at the time.

I did another one and shortly after joined forces with the marvellous Cat Strawbridge. We created Cat + Alice.
Find out more about Cat + Alice

Then I realised that support was great but there was another problem...

The wider world has a skewed, misdirected view of what going through a difficult path to parenthood is actually about.

Friends, family, colleagues and most surprisingly and shockingly healthcare professionals who work in clinic settings will often make (usually well-meaning) comments which only exacerbate shame, guilt or failure. While there's much we can do about how we respond to these comments and I can help with that; I don't think it should be all on the person on the other end of them who should do the work!

I started a campaign to raise awareness called ‘Think! What Not to Say’. While the title of my campaign is a bit provocative (!) results have been remarkable.

So far, the campaign has helped me to:
  • Win a commission to produce a week of fertility content for the BBC on Radio 2, the UK’s biggest station with over 16 million listeners
  • Work with producers at BBC 5 Live at the same time and become the BBC’s Fertility Communications Consultant to help them get the content spot on
  • Write an article for Red Magazine
  • Have my campaign videos featured as part of the fantastic Fertility Fest at the Barbican and other venues
  • Work with many amazing brands, pharmaceutical companies and more, as a patient insight consultant to improve support and awareness

A little bit about me...

  • I'm 37 and live in London with my husband and 2 little IVF miracles Matilda and Reggie
  • I used to work for the London Dungeons as an actress, scaring people for a living!
  • I have three sisters; they are all so different but amazing :)
  • I also work as Creative Development Director for an award winning production company on projects from radio to film
  • I love a music festival. Fond of dancing in fields.

Take the first step...

So the big question is: are you ready to start changing your life?! (I KNOOOOW that's bold...but this stuff changed mine OK?)

Try my free 5 minute reset meditation.

Not a meditator? You're in good company!

When I asked my Instagram followers if they meditated, 65% said no (out of 547 responses) BUT 83% said they would consider it.

That's why I make content which is perfect whether you've meditated before or not; whether you're an expert at witnessing your thoughts or completely new to the concept.

"I've always avoided meditating as I can never settle & quiet my busy mind. However within the first minute I was completely fixed on your voice & crying my eyes out...I feel a million times better now though"

I provide a comforting hand to guide you through the complex emotions and feelings you have around trying to bring home a baby and bring you to a place of feeling validated, stronger and more in control. 
5 minute reset meditation