Hi, I'm Alice

I'm on a mission to support and empower people during one of the hardest experiences you can imagine: a fertility journey.

I want you to feel stronger, safer and more in control. 

Let's do this together x 
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Your 6 week total mindset transformation.
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5 minute reset meditation

5 minutes to reset whenever you need it. Perfect as a quick turnaround (did someone just say 'relax and it will happen?!) this will help.
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Self Compassion for a pregnancy announcement

Give yourself the time you need to process your feelings. Listen as many times as needed; announcements are really hard. 
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Comfort and Strength for a Negative Pregnancy Test

Let me comfort you in your grief and help to take away any fear, shame or panic when you see a negative pregnancy test. 
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10 Day Mindset Shift Course

Come with me as I lead you on a 10 day process to transform your mindset as you go through a fertility journey. However things are going for you right now, you have the ability to interrupt your thoughts and give yourself what you need on any given day. You just need to practice how :)
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5 Days to Fresh

Wake up your energy to kickstart your life in 5 days, and feel more confident about the future, without needing to invest hours of time.
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