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Why Clearblue need to understand the #TTC community better

#ttc means trying to conceive and is well known in the community I refer to in this blog.

This morning, I went to the launch of a new ovulation test product, by a rather large fertility diagnostic company who you may have heard of: Clearblue.

They have created a new ovulation test app which links to a digital ovulation test: their "most advanced test" ever. To be clear, it is not really targeted for those with known fertility issues, but for a younger market who are starting to plan their families (as far as I can gather). It’s not really for old hats like me who have been through 11 rounds of treatment, had a baby and are now trying again. (It’s also important to state that this blog represents my personal view and others may disagree with it).


I believe Clearblue are missing a trick.

I want to ask them about their relationship with a proportion of their market who buy their products but who, at the moment, aren’t really being represented by them. The people who are in it for the long run. The people who are trying to get pregnant but who can't (or who can...but have no baby to show for it).

Fertile couples who are pro-active, want to get empowered and start planning their families and happily have no trouble getting pregnant: yep. Catered for, understood and indeed, the majority, as I was told by the Clearblue representative who was there at the launch this morning when I asked some questions after the panel discussion.

But what about people who are trying to conceive for a long time; who might be waiting for fertility treatment; between treatment cycles; experiencing secondary infertility or going through miscarriage? These people will still be buying products like ovulation and pregnancy tests and they'll be doing it for YEARS. Not just months. Years and years. They might not be Clearblue's target...but they're still there.

These are the people who may well be in the minority, but they are in it for the long run guys.

They are highly educated (so they don’t need educating about menstrual cycles – a topic discussed on the panel), they have read every article there is to read, they have done all the research there is to do: and they will still be buying Clearblue products.

Clearblue's focus on helping people to understand their fertility better is great and needed and I'm all over that, so don't get me wrong. I also love that they're working to normalise conversations about family planning between couples and trying to emphasise that men are very much a part of this too.

But I have been trying to see if there's been any work addressing the enormous community of people who are dealing with fertility struggles by them, and I hate to say it but I really can't find it. I didn't see anything from Clearblue during Fertility Week for example. An entire week dedicated to raising awareness, supporting and empowering people going through this enormously complex, misunderstood and under-represented experience. So I'll say it again: I think Clearblue, a company solely making products for people trying to get pregnant, are missing a trick.

If Clearblue are doing things, I wish they would make it more widely known because I for one haven’t heard about them. Have you?

Clearblue: you have the power and clout to do wonderful things and if you wanted to learn more about the #TTC community, there’s a strong opportunity to build a relationship with the 3.5 million people in the UK right now who are struggling with fertility issues and who buy your products.

Thank you for having me this morning at your launch; I appreciated the croissant and coffee and I hope this doesn’t come across as angry. I’m not angry. I’m just sort of...surprised.

If you want to get to know this portion of your market, if you want to really understand them – let's talk. (If Clearblue get in touch with me after this, I'll let you know guys!).

What would you like to see big companies doing to support people trying to get pregnant? Find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or drop me an email through my website here, I would love to hear from you. I support and empower anyone trying to become a parent through my blog, podcast, social media, campaign and live events. The Instagram community is particularly engaged and supportive...if you're trying to conceive or going through any sort of fertility struggle (or trying to support someone trying to get pregnant), it's a brilliant source of comfort for many.

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