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Covid-19 5 Steps to relieve panic and anxiety

As I write this, I can feel myself finally able to connect back to my true self. The one who is calm, rational and supportive to others. The one who can stay centred and grounded throughout a global epidemic...

For a few days I’ve been struggling.

Tearful, scared and full of anxiety. It’s not been easy. I’ve not felt like myself at all and it’s not been fun.

But I’ve got my shit together and I feel really called to share what I’ve been doing to help you do the same if you need it, because it’s really been helping. I’ve called it my Covid-19 Action Plan.

Yeah baby.

Corona Panic and anxiety: 5 steps to feel calm and back in control

1. Identify everything causing anxiety or triggering fear by writing it down. I love a spider diagram! Write Covid-19 in the middle and draw branches out. Be completely comprehensive; include all of it...mine has everything from “food and supplies” to “how will I make time for meditation?”.

2. After identifying: its solution time! Go through each trigger and consider how you can address each one.

3. There will be SOMEthing you can do for every trigger; even if it’s to schedule in your solution for a later date or create a visualisation for the future

4. Ideas for solutions: routines, mantras, online resources- live streams, good news outlets,community, connection; visualisations; meal plans, making time for joy, self-soothing and relationship; courses; exercise; flexibility; endorphins; treats and breaks. FUN!

5. Try doing something for someone else. However small. This gives you a sense of empowerment. It gives you a role. It helps you feel less powerless and like you have something to offer, instead of feeling lost.

I know this seems really simple and you’re right; it’s not rocket science! But after allowing myself to just cry and feel the fear this week, I was then able to sit down and work out all the specific triggers, which then led to the ability to find ways to soothe each one. Pretty empowering.

I know many of you will have had treatment cancelled with no way of knowing when you'll be able to start again.

The lack of certainty is overwhelming. I've felt it too; but finding your ways to living day by day will help relieve the fear. Being present and practicing presence will help you.

With all the love, stay safe and take care,

Alice x

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