Media. I love this part of my work.

I confidently write, speak and consult on many topics including:

  •  Fertility and infertility 
  •  As a positive mindset coach (particularly while trying to conceive)
  • As an IVF mum
  • How to support friends, family (or your patient) going through infertility 
  • Using social media to grow a community


BBC, Clearblue, Red Magazine, Ferring Pharmaceutical, Merck Pharmaceutical, MyLotus, IVF Babble, Thriva Health, Fertility Fest

Why you should work with me!

  • My background as a trained performer means I can comfortably hold space (from 10 people to 300!) and love public speaking
  • I have a professional award-winning (get me!) radio production background so I'm used to studios, great at taking direction and deliver the soundbites you need
  • I'm really well connected with the TTC (trying to conceive) community online, my following is steadily growing and engagement is very high

I'm a natural communicator and believe open dialogue can radically shift cultural norms and open up new, fresh ways of doing things. 

All of my work comes from the heart; I do this because I love it and know that positive change and progress is possible and necessary; both for people experiencing infertility and everyone around them. 


It was an honour to share my story for Clearblue's Conceivinghood campaign. I published a blog about Clearblue's lack of marketing diversity which led to conversations with the company. Their subsequent decisions to adjust their content meant such a lot to the TTC community. Just seeing negative pregnancy tests on their Instagram feed for example, meant that the millions who buy their products going through infertility finally felt seen and valued.
Click here to see my Clearblue video

Press, blogs, websites and podcasts who have kindly interviewed me, mentioned me or featured my work:

 It's Mostly OK

Click here to listen to me on the Adulting with Ebonie podcast
Click here to read my blog 'You are The Captain of Your Soul' on IVF Babble
Click here to read my blog on 'Relaxgate' on IVF Babble

Oh, and the fabulous Fearne Cotton recommended my podcast to her millions of followers on Twitter!


I loved working with Ferring on their brilliant social media awareness campaign. We spent a lot of time with Ferring's awesome team, giving our patient insight and helping them to shape the content and stories shared; I had such a great time filming this for them.


I started my own events giving talks and workshops (I called my first one: "Taking Ownership').

This led to the creation of a new company Cat + Alice Ltd. Cat Strawbridge and I work together creating non-medical, lifestyle events for the TTC Community as well as consulting. Have a wee look at our website for more.

Other speaking bits:

ESHRE online for Merck Pharmaceutical as part of Cat + Alice, presenter/speaker. (This event should have been live in Copenhagen but was transferred online due to Covd-19.)

IVF Babble Pineapple Ball, Science Museum, London, speaker

Thriva Health: She's So Hormonal, panel guest (alongside Meg Matthews!) hosted by the fabulous Emma and Gabby from Big Fat Negative podcast.

Fertility Fest, Manchester and London, artist and speaker, (where I was thrilled to see my campaign videos shown at The Barbican!)