Comfort and Strength for a Negative Pregnancy Test by Alice Rose

You are not foolish to have hoped.

Let me help remind you that you are not broken; you are not a failure and 
that you have not let anyone down. 

Let me help take away the fear and panic, 
leaving you feeling comforted and more peaceful. 

Comfort and Strength for a Negative Pregnancy Test

When we see a negative test...

it can envelope you in sadness. You feel hopeless, numb, exhausted. You feel foolish to have hoped - embarrassed even. Or maybe you feel nothing; numb. You might feel devastated, like you're not worthy or that you've let people down. I used to feel physically sick every time I took a test and then beyond devastated when it wasn't positive...again. It was like torture.

What I needed in that moment was comfort.

I needed something to lean on; someone to tell me the depth of pain and sadness I was feeling was validated and normal and that I was actually remarkable - incredible - for trying to make a family even though it wasn't easy. So that's what I have created for you. I want you to have something to reach for when you see that test; something comforting and something to give you the strength to continue.

What you get... an 11 minute guided walking meditation with my voice over some beautiful music. Plug your headphones in, pull on your shoes and get outside. Breathe. Walk. Listen to my voice as I give you the comfort you need from someone who understands and guide you to the inner strength that I know you have. If you want to sit in bed and listen to this, pulling the duvet over your head - that'll work too. It's entirely up to you.

Click here for testimonials from other meditations. Here's one:

"I took some time out of work to listen to this and it helped validate my feelings so much! I think I will be listening to it a lot. I already feel a lot more positive and prepared for the next announcement."

Take care,

Alice x

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What's included?

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Comfort and Strength Walking Meditation
11 mins