Q: A what now?

A women’s circle. You sit in a circle (duh) and create a space of warmth, energy, positivity and power through a little communication, a bit of ritual and a dash of participation. Mine are specially curated for women trying to conceive (TTC) or who have experienced loss.


Q: Who is it for?


It’s for you if you want to enjoy life again, especially at key moments like Mother's Day or Christmas; or if you want to feel part of something wonderful and not always on the outskirts because you haven’t managed to get pregnant or have a baby yet. It’s for you if you want to feel connected to your own ability to take ownership of what’s happening in your life.


It’s for you if you’ve found yourself dreading social events, gritting your teeth expecting insensitive comments from family and battling sadness that you’re not where you hoped you would be. It’s for you if you want to feel a sense of peace and joy.

Q: What will I get from it?

Peaceful empowerment and a deep sense of genuine, positive connection with women who understand what you’re going through. We will help guide you to address specific concerns you have how you could create your own bespoke coping mechanisms. You will leave feeling all warm without having to worry about what anyone else is doing and without comparing yourself to anyone else’s life. You will leave feeling uplifted, inspired and ready to embrace your week.


Q: What does it include?

A welcome

Sharing ritual


Q: Who is Alice?


Alice Rose is a writer, speaker and IVF Mum as well as founder and host of the TTC Life Raft podcast and concept; sharing ways she built her own Life Raft and transformed her experience during 11 rounds of fertility treatment. Alice’s campaign, ‘Think! What not to Say’ helps the wider world understand more about how to support someone on a fertility struggle and change how family, friends, medical professionals and fertility companies communicate with patients.

Q: OK I'm in! How do I book?


To keep up to date with these Circles please subscribe to my newsletter. Spaces are very limited and they tend to book out very quickly.


Please contact me if for any reason you feel unable to attend on the day. I understand anything can happen during fertility struggles and unexpected problems can make commitment difficult.

This is a safe space for people who want to feel completely at ease, so no photos will be taken without permission or anything shared publicly without prior arrangement.


Men are not forgotten and need just as much support, so please encourage the men in your life to find some too; this particular event is just for women.


Please bring something you would like to share with the circle. This can be something you wish for, something you wish for others or something you are hoping to manifest for next year. It can be anything from a poem, song or piece of art or just a few lines you’ve written. It might just be something you can talk about for a minute or so. If you would rather not share personally on the day, there is no pressure. You can observe or let me share something on your behalf too– just let me know beforehand- however some level of participation is encouraged as you will get so much more out of the evening. 

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