5 Days to Fresh by Alice Rose

5 Days to Fresh

Wake up your energy to kickstart your life in 5 days, and feel more confident about the future, without needing to invest hours of time.

If you're going through fertility treatment or you're experiencing a difficult path to parenthood, you already know it impacts every part of your life.

I don't need to tell you how all consuming this experience is: you're living it. You already know it can affect your confidence, motivation and mental well-being; because you don't feel like the same person you were before you started all this. I certainly didn't.

And if you're anything like me, you've probably done hours of research and looked at every possible thing you could try - because you're used to being able to figure things out for yourself. 

But in the middle of trying to figure it all out, I ended up feeling totally drained, making me feel even more out of control and frustrated.

I got to a point where the idea of going through another round of treatment, or even just trying to conceive without the needles, scans, and blood tests felt like the biggest mountain to climb. How would I manage it? How would I cope? How would I find the motivation, the energy to just...keep...going....?
To cut a long story short, I poured myself into my well being. I read about it, I practiced daily tasks, I became slightly addicted to my new way of living...because it started to make me feel amazing.

It gave me back control, energy, motivation. It didn't stop me feeling sad, or stop any of the feelings that we, (as humans!) feel. It just gave me the tools to be able to know what to do about them all.

I was a changed woman...and this was well before I knew how my own story would end.

My passion now is to help others find the same energy and the best news is that it really doesn't take much to start feeling better. 

That's why I've created this little course. I wanted to curate a truly accessible, easy to implement motivational programme for anyone who just feels that they need some help to get back into their seat of power.

Really it's just guiding you straight back to where you naturally belong; enjoying life again, feeling connected and ready for a fresh start.

How does it work?

For the princely sum of £10, you'll get access to 5 audio downloads, including a summary transcript to help you remember the daily prompts and tasks. 

The final day includes a 'Call to Courage' meditation, designed to come back to again and again whenever you need to get back into a really confident, motivated mindset.

In fact, the whole course can be used forever once you've bought it. So once you've been through the steps, you can come back to Day 1 and start again, whenever you feel in need of a fresh start.

What's included?

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Day 1: Self Compassion
6 mins
Day 2: Nourish
5 mins
Day 3: Change
4 mins
Day 4: Motivate
4 mins
Day 5: Courage
7 mins

What people say...

I have just bought your new course. L.O.V.E!! 
Thank you Alice for the gentle invitation, it's just the little nudge in the right direction that I needed and rather than fearing it, dreading it or seeing it as a dark chore I'm actually feeling excited as I sit here putting pen to paper...thank you xxx
Anonymous 1
I'm part way through this course and it is fantastic. Your voice is so soothing and reassuring. Thank you.
Anonymous 2
I found going back to the clinic after a cancelled IVF transfer much harder than I thought and it brought up a lot of anxiety; so I started the course. I've just done day 4 on Surrender and it was a big release for me. Thank you.
I saved the course to do during my two week wait. I felt stuck and full of fear and knew I needed support. Alice’s calm and friendly voice was exactly what I needed. With each session I could feel I was gaining control of my thoughts, which meant I was able to try and focus on doing things that made me happy rather than just worrying.
I don't know why I'd been waiting to get the course...maybe I thought I didn't need it, I could try to survive on my own. But actually support is there to be taken advantage of and it is fantastic. 3 days in and loving it. Thanks Alice
Your work is incredible. I can't say it enough. You make IVF a little more bearable.
Yesterday I listened to 7 episodes of your mindset shift course, it really helped calm me down and cope with what was to come today! Thank you.
Hi. I don’t normally like doing meditation things as I am rubbish at relaxing, but last night I tried your 5 mins of calm and it was great. I am on day 6 of gonal f and needed a bit of calm. Your voice is so calming too. Thank you
the things you do support people so much - you are actually priceless!
first day done and thank you, this is just what I needed. My husband told me last night I needed to try and start treating myself like I do my friends. Your advice is beyond helpful and helping me to prepare so much for my fourth donor egg cycle. Thank you again you amazing lady! x
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do and for putting all this incredible material out there. I was at the end of my rope after almost two years of failure and one miscarriage. We're about to start fertility treatment and I was feeling so incredibly alone...until I could hear you and your guests on your podcast getting real about it, validating my fears and giving me hope that even in the event that we can't bring home our own baby, we will survive. Thank you so, so much.
dropping the fear has helped me feel like I can plan things and look forward to the future
What I love about your podcast is the practice and emotional support offered - not just talking about how hard it is (which is also very necessary) but to have the gentle reminders of self love and care; it's a genuine port in a storm and today my daily gratitude includes you and the life raft.
"what I like most is it's simplicity. It's helping me to be able to enjoy everything I have and not focus on what I don't have"
You are getting me through.
This has been the year from hell...one miscarriage, hospital admission and stage 4 endo and we're staring down the barrel of IVF. The impact this has taken on my mental health has been more than I could have imagined. I'm a mental health nurse myself and could reel off the things that could help but I have been drowning in sadness, frustration, grief and anger. You speak to me in a way I can't describe. Feeling more hopeful about the future thanks to your podcast - Fertility Life Raft; it really turned out to be just that.
I wish I had this course available earlier. This would have really helped me with post-miscarriage and other infertility set backs; I'm going to repeat the course next week and possibly every month. It's a great refresh and reminder to be kind to myself
Thank you so much for doing these courses. You've got a wonderful calming voice. You're perfect for these types of things! x

What qualifies me?

I'm not a life coach, hypnotherapist or counsellor. So why would you trust me to understand how to help?

  • I've been through infertility and know the desperate desire to hold a baby in my arms. I also know the power of regular, consistent well being practice; and that it doesn't take huge amounts of time and energy. Just a little commitment each day...

  • I won a commission from the biggest radio station in the UK, BBC Radio 2 (16 million listeners), to create a ‘BBC Fertility Week’. I personally produced audio content for them; advised on their digital support, pushed for radically more comprehensive online signposting than they would normally do. I worked alongside senior producers at BBC 5 Live who collaborated with Radio 2 to expand the fertility conversation. I also became BBC Fertility Week consultant to ensure they handled their output with as much sensitivity and care as possible. 

  • I am a patient voice and advocate. I have given interviews for the BBC; LBC; been a speaker at IVF Babble's glamorous Pineapple Ball and for Fertility Fest; my ‘Think! What Not to Say’ campaign videos have been shared at the Barbican, London and shared many thousands of times on social media. I have written many blogs for other sites and appeared on lots of podcasts.

  • I provide consulting services for big brands and companies within the fertility industry and for mainstream media. I work really hard in these roles, to portray the patient experience and to help get the messaging right and start improving patient experience.

  • I am in touch with the thousands of people who follow me on social media every day. I talk to them with voice notes on direct messages, I hear their most personal and most painful stories. I have learned what works and what doesn't through building a highly engaged social media community and reacting on a totally personal level. My approach to this communication is not formal- I'm just like a virtual friend, but with loads and loads of experience...!

  •  I am the Creative Director of an award winning independent production company, and bring creative production experience to the world of self development

  • My own podcast is consistently rated 5 stars. I hear from listeners every day that it's helped enormously through really dark times. It's been recommended by Fearne Cotton (yep!), the High Low podcast and has very high download rates.

  • I run regular, sell out live events with amazing feedback 

  • I have an MA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Through my actor training, I learnt techniques to embody different characters and ways to apply how to experience life from a different perspective, which (who knew?!) helped me enormously during my own fertility journey as I learnt how to witness my own thoughts

Hopefully I've made it clear that I hold no formal coaching qualifications and that the course is based on my own experience as listed above. Please do seek advice from your healthcare provider if you feel like you need professional mental health support - and feel absolutely no shame if you do (I loved my fertility counselling, it was amazing. The mindset course will work really well alongside professional support or be used by itself. The more support and self development you do, the better).