5 minute reset meditation by Alice Rose

5 minute reset meditation

A 5 minute meditation to reset your mind and come back to centre


Wow thank you so much for five minute reset meditation. I found my thoughts were going into overdrive today (I am halfway in the 2ww) I needed something to help me focus, the meditation exercise has been great, I think I will be using it everyday from now on! Thank you so much

Oh my God Alice, you are wonderful ! 
I had Egg Transfer yesterday for our first attempt at a sibling for our ICSI son. I have just done your 5 minute mindfulness session... My nervousness and anxiety manifested itself on my stage as a Chinese dragon hopping and dancing around on stage (no idea how I managed to visualise it like that!) but I was able to turn it away. Thank you so much for sharing 


I don’t normally like doing meditation things as I am rubbish at relaxing, but last night I tried your 5 mins of calm and it was great. I am on day 6 of gonal f and needed a bit of calm. Your voice is so calming too. Thank you


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