10 Day Mindset Shift Course by Alice Rose

10 Day Mindset Shift Course

Learn how to witness your thoughts, decide what to do about them and start living more joyfully as a result. Get yourself into a great headspace in just 5 to 10 minutes a day.

my easy to absorb course, will help you feel:


...because when we're going through infertility, we feel out of control, hopeless and vulnerable much of the time..but there are ways to take ownership of your heart and soul, with just a little dedication and commitment. 

it's perfect if:

  • you're feeling stuck or left behind
  • you're feeling scared you'll never have the baby you're trying for
  • you're struggling with anger, jealousy, sadness or any other feeling
  • you're ready to start living your life again and reconnect to YOU!

Throughout the ten days you will:

...be guided, for about 5 minutes each day, with meditations, visualisations and journal prompts through my bespoke, clear and focussed framework, curated to gently take you through to a new way of thinking.

Each lesson throughout the 10 days explores a new idea, and asks you to practice how to:

  1. Know
  2. Ask
  3. Allow
  4. Surrender
  5. Release
  6. Free
  7. Choose
  8. Play
  9. Shift
  10. Seal

What people say...

"I started your course yesterday and went through 5 sessions in a row, as I was enjoying it so much!"
"It's so good. I've just started fertility treatment after 4 miscarriages and feeling positive after 4 days on your course"
"what I like most is it's simplicity. It's helping me to be able to enjoy everything I have and not focus on what I don't have"
"such a relief, mentally and physically, I cannot thank you enough"
"I can't believe how helpful and inspiring I found it. I've been having a really rough time lately after a miscarriage and it helped me see that I need to stop fighting my reality as it's just causing me stress rather than helping me...thank you for your wisdom and kindness"
"I cannot recommend this enough. I am slowly making my way through it and am enjoying every single episode fully. Each one is only 10 minutes max but has such an impact"
"we lost two babies back to back...we've been trying to conceive since 2017 with no luck. It was eating me alive, I felt so lost and angry. Starting to feel whole again thanks to you"
"it felt so good! It's helping me compartmentalise my feelings and not get carried away with them"
"dropping the fear has helped me feel like I can plan things and look forward to the future"
"Oh my God Alice, you are wonderful  I had Egg Transfer yesterday for our first attempt at a sibling for our ICSI son. I have just done your 5 minute mindfulness session... My nervousness and anxiety manifested itself on my stage as a Chinese dragon hopping and dancing around on stage (no idea how I managed to visualise it like that!) but I was able to turn it away. Thank you so much for sharing"

"Wow thank you so much for five minute reset meditation. I found my thoughts were going into overdrive today (I am halfway in the 2ww) I needed something to help me focus, the meditation exercise has been great, I think I will be using it everyday from now on! Thank you so much"
"Just a quick message to say that the meditation is lovely - thanks so much for doing it."
"Wow, Alice, that was wonderful. Just what I needed. Such a good visualisation that I’ll try to come back to. Amazing how 5 minutes can really change your mindset and your day. Thank you. 🙏"
"I came away feeling inspired, empowered and lighter than I have in a long time"
"I've been struggling, especially with the comparison gremlins, but I left feeling like I wasn't alone and with some great coping strategies. the analogy of the TTC life raft was excellent! I left the event feeling mentally lighter - and the most content I have for a long time..."
"I just wanted to tell you how touched I was last night at your talk. Your words resonated with me in ways I didn't realise I needed and I took so much with me"
My IVF journey has been going on for 2 years. Our first IVF round was cancelled after egg collection due to fertilisation failure. After 6 weeks off we went back to the clinic to start ICSI; I found going back to the clinic much harder than I thought and it brought up a lot of anxiety so I started the 10 day course...I've just done your day 4 session on surrender and it has been a big release for me. Thank you.

What qualifies me?

I'm not a life coach, hypnotherapist or counsellor. I have enormous respect for the above professions but I'm not one of them. So why on earth would you trust me?

  • I've been through infertility and know the desperate desire to hold a baby in my arms. I also been through this mind-shift process myself and had radical results on the back of (slightly!) obsessive self study and know the incredible, lasting benefits of home practice and consistently prioritising my well being

  • I won a commission from the biggest radio station in the UK, BBC Radio 2 (16 million listeners), to create a ‘BBC Fertility Week’. I personally produced audio content for them; advised on their digital support, pushed for radically more comprehensive online signposting than they would normally do. I worked alongside senior producers at BBC 5 Live who collaborated with Radio 2 to expand the fertility conversation. I also became BBC Fertility Week consultant to ensure they handled their output with as much sensitivity and care as possible. 

  • I am a patient voice and advocate. I have given interviews for the BBC; LBC; been a speaker at IVF Babble's glamorous Pineapple Ball and for Fertility Fest; my ‘Think! What Not to Say’ campaign videos have been shared at the Barbican, London and shared many thousands of times on social media. I have written many blogs for other sites and appeared on lots of podcasts.

  • I provide consulting services for big brands and companies within the fertility industry and for mainstream media. I work really hard in these roles, to portray the patient experience and to help get the messaging right and start improving patient experience.

  • I am in touch with the thousands of people who follow me on social media every day. I talk to them with voice notes on direct messages, I hear their most personal and most painful stories. I have learned what works and what doesn't through building a highly engaged social media community and reacting on a totally personal level. My approach to this communication is not formal- I'm just like a virtual friend, but with loads and loads of experience...!

  •  I am the Creative Director of an award winning independent production company, and bring creative production experience to the world of self development

  • My own podcast is consistently rated 5 stars. I hear from listeners every day that it's helped enormously through really dark times. It's been recommended by Fearne Cotton (yep!), the High Low podcast and has very high download rates.

  • I run regular, sell out live events with amazing feedback 

  • I have an MA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Through my actor training, I learnt techniques to embody different characters and ways to apply how to experience life from a different perspective, which (who knew?!) helped me enormously during my own fertility journey as I learnt how to witness my own thoughts

Hopefully I've made it clear that I hold no formal coaching qualifications and that the course is based on my own experience as listed above. Please do seek advice from your healthcare provider if you feel like you need professional mental health support - and feel absolutely no shame if you do (I loved my fertility counselling, it was amazing. The mindset course will work really well alongside professional support or be used by itself. The more support and self development you do, the better).

What's included?

File Icon 10 files


Mindset Shift 1 - Know.mp3
5 mins
Mindset Shift 2 - Ask.mp3
6 mins
Mindset Shift 3 - Allow.mp3
5 mins
Mindset Shift 4 - Surrender.mp3
7 mins
Mindset Shift 5 - Release.mp3
4 mins
Mindset Shift 6 - Free.mp3
7 mins
Mindset Shift 7 - Choose.mp3
8 mins
Mindset Shift 8 - Play.mp3
6 mins
Mindset Shift 9 - Shift.mp3
6 mins
Mindset Shift 10 - Seal.mp3
5 mins